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Day Trip: Super H Mart: Fresh Things & Good Fun

I had been to an H Mart once when I was in Philly May of this year. I was pretty impressed with that one as well. But this time around, I got to be a FULL tourist. I started snapping pictures and couldn't stop. This Super H Mart was located in Duluth. My hosts, my best friend Dezi and her Mother were like kids in a candy store, grabbing up fresh vegetables and meats for very reasonable prices. I even scored me a good deal on some very fresh and delicious fruits. This is a special foods place, stay away from your everyday items, because they are on the pricey side. $4 for a box of Frosted Flakes? Yikes!

 Around the store they had many and various sample tables. On a cold day in Georgia, the warmth of a smaple table wok was very nice. This dish was spicy, I should have gotten the name of it! But I'm not fond of these types of noodles.

 I thought this was a very interesting cartoon. There was another one, but I was being stealthy on the photo taking. I didn't want anyone to think I was rude for taking pictures. Below, this was a joy to watch. Chocolate filled pancake mix in the shape of a fish. It was like drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate and eating a tea biscuit. It was very yummy, but immediately left a nasty taste in my mouth once I was done eating it.

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