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Hair, and the Bare Minimals.

I have been on  vacation in Metro Atlanta for a month. I hadn't properly cared for my hair since the first day I got here. I just recently started focusing back on my hair. The winter winds up here are harsh. I have read and heard about people not detangling their curls for a month, but I will NEVER do that again. All in all, I am pleased. It didn't take me as long as I expected since I perfected my detangling methods. I did, however had to cut two dreads out of my hair.

As a curly haired person, I have to be willing to accept the fact: that it is in my hair's nature to want to curl around itself.

But, as a curly haired person, I have to be the barrier to keep my hair from doing so. I need to get back on a hair regiment, and I am brainstorming a modified one compared to my normal one I do when I am back home. Had I known that I would be up here for so long, I would packed my arsenal of hair care products. I never noticed how dry and parched my ends are. They have never been properly trimmed, and I am going to take on the my first "real" trim tomorrow. I am buying a good pair of hair cutting scissors. I am thinking I will get my friend or myself to lightly flat iron my hair, and then I am going to chop probably a good 1" off my curls. I am working on caring for my hair on the bare minmals.

Hair Staple List:
  • Giovanni Direct Leave-in (Conditioner)
  • Palmer's Coconut Oil Replenishing Hair Milk (Styler)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sealer, detangler)
  • V05 Strawberries & Cream Moisturizing Conditioner (Detangler, Spritzer)
  • Organic Root Stimulator Deep Conditioning Packet (Deep conditioner)
  • Plastic Shower Caps
I am going to add Apple Cider Vinegar to the list, and some Aloe Vera juice if I can find a Vitamin Shoppe. If not, this little list of staple products is getting me by. I am doing the EVOO on my hair before bed every 2 nights. I will notice a BIG difference once I chop off these deads frizzy ends. I will also notice a big difference in my tangling/matting issues as well. I'm in a natural hair mecca, but I refuse to pay $50 for a wash and cut!

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