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Concert Series: 100 Monkeys & The Kissing Club @ The Earl

To say that I enjoyed myself at this show would be nothing less than an understatement. By the end of the night, I felt like I was in a hot Blues shack in the middle of New Orleans. Sunday December 26, yes, the day after Christmas. It was blistering cold, and I almost had to go by myself (BIG thanks to my bestie Dezi for joining me, though she was sick!), but I wouldn't miss 100 Monkeys for a second time for anything in the world. The venue location reminded me a lot of how downtown St. Pete, FL looks. There was adequate free parking on the side of the building. My friend and I arrived to the show a little before 8pm, and the show was slated to start at 8:30pm. The bar itself was a little seedy, but a lot of artsy fartsy Indie kids were there. I saw a lot of cute black bobs and thick rimmed black glasses. There was a drunk woman who was shouting obscenities about us "Twilighters" being in her bar, and how sickening it was. It was a little disturbing that 75% of the crowd were women in their 40's pining over Jackson Rathbone. Yes, Mr. Rathbone is the character "Jasper" from the 'Twilight' series. He also plays "Sokka" in 'The Last Airbender'. His bandmates: Ben G., Ben J., Jerad, and Uncle. Now, that we are all past introductions, let's get to the music!

The Kissing Club: A one man show who gave me sort of a Jack White vibe. By song two, I was digging him. He was quite mellow for the talkitive crowd. He was very polite, and I loved his stage prescence. After each song he thanked the crowd, and the crowd showed him much love. I would definitely be into listening to his MP3s in my collection. I don't know if I would see him by himself in concert, maybe if it was cheap.

100 Monkeys: I have never heard so many women screaming at once. Is this how they act at a Justin Bieber concert? No, I'm sure it's much worse. 100 Monkeys' music is funky, bluesy, an all around good damn time. Jackson Rathbone's sultry, Southern accent is charming and completely swoon worthy in itself. One thing I loved about this show? They play musical chairs with their instruments on stage. That's right, each member switches to another instrument during the band's set, which the band refers to as the “Monkey Switcheroo”.  Another treat? Each member gets their vocal time, yes, each band member gets to sing. They open up the show with "Wings on Fire", and play quite a few songs from their upcoming album "Liquid Zoo". The album is slated to drop early 2011, as Jackson announced at the show. "Invisible Monsters", a song from the new album, and vocalized by Uncle (the suave blues-esque Black dude) was amazing. They also play "Ugly Girl", which Jackson reminds the audience the song is NOT about anyone of us at the show. They also played "Reaper", another one of my faves, and "The Monkey Song" sounds amazing live. Per usual, they take suggestions from the audience and make up a song. Our song? "Ho, Ho, Ho.", a holiday song. They end the show with a sultry, blues number that indroduced the band, and thanked the crowd. Watching their show was like watching a private jam session, the energy of it, and they just get up on stage and have an amazing time. All in all? I absolutely can't wait to attend another 100 Monkeys show! And when the new album drops, be sure to pick up your copy!


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