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Concert Series: 100 Monkeys & The Kissing Club @ The Earl

To say that I enjoyed myself at this show would be nothing less than an understatement. By the end of the night, I felt like I was in a hot Blues shack in the middle of New Orleans. Sunday December 26, yes, the day after Christmas. It was blistering cold, and I almost had to go by myself (BIG thanks to my bestie Dezi for joining me, though she was sick!), but I wouldn't miss 100 Monkeys for a second time for anything in the world. The venue location reminded me a lot of how downtown St. Pete, FL looks. There was adequate free parking on the side of the building. My friend and I arrived to the show a little before 8pm, and the show was slated to start at 8:30pm. The bar itself was a little seedy, but a lot of artsy fartsy Indie kids were there. I saw a lot of cute black bobs and thick rimmed black glasses. There was a drunk woman who was shouting obscenities about us "Twilighters" being in her bar, and how sickening it was. It was a little disturbing that 75% of the crow…

Winter Cut

I couldn't take it anymore. I let my friend straighten my hair, and my ends were so dried and fried. I experience a lot of shedding because I don't properly moisturize my hair. So, a trim, as usual, turned into me getting cut happy. I was only suppose to cut off the "rough" parts of my hair, but it turned out a lot of my hair was "rough", so I just chopped them all off!

Chop, Chop, Chop! :

My length? Maybe 1" shorter in some places. My hair? Loves me for it.

Only problem? Old habits die hard. It's been days since I have properly conditioned my hair, and it's starting to look terrible all over again. Which only equals out to being: what was the point in cutting your hair, if you're only going to continue to not love it?
My verdict? Never be afraid to let loose of tired, dried, dead ends. Hair will grow back! It'll grow back faster, and most importantly: healthier.

Tell tale signs I needed a trim:
My hair was dry no matter how much I conditi…

Day Trip: Super H Mart: Fresh Things & Good Fun

I had been to an H Mart once when I was in Philly May of this year. I was pretty impressed with that one as well. But this time around, I got to be a FULL tourist. I started snapping pictures and couldn't stop. This Super H Mart was located in Duluth. My hosts, my best friend Dezi and her Mother were like kids in a candy store, grabbing up fresh vegetables and meats for very reasonable prices. I even scored me a good deal on some very fresh and delicious fruits. This is a special foods place, stay away from your everyday items, because they are on the pricey side. $4 for a box of Frosted Flakes? Yikes!

 Around the store they had many and various sample tables. On a cold day in Georgia, the warmth of a smaple table wok was very nice. This dish was spicy, I should have gotten the name of it! But I'm not fond of these types of noodles.

 I thought this was a very interesting cartoon. There was another one, but I was being stealthy on the photo taking. I didn't want anyone t…