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Wordlust: Looking Glass

Looking Glass 11/7/2010 I'm laying awake I'm looking through the looking glass Magnified, gigantic The feeling is fleeting The sun is pouring through Keeps me awake, Why not sleep during the night? Day and night Got me wrapped around the finger tight Close my eyes, set me free Hold me now, let me flee I run away from my nightmares, But they seem to always catch up I dream with my eyes awake It's the damnedest thing The haunting images The horrific faces Like images from a horror movie Who are you? You strange being, you damn alien I could run a million miles away And you still end up in my face My plague, with features With eyes, teeth, and blood Not my blood, No I do not see it Unknown, yet I know too much I hate, but I don't know why But I have all the reasons to The most hostile of environments, Without even a fight But I struggle Oh, hell! How I struggle This mental uphill battle Feels like I'm carrying the weight of the world, On my shoulders The weight of a Mother's sorrow A daughter's de…