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Beginner, Seasoned, or Basic Witch Own It!

I recently read that being a Witch or practicing the Craft isn't synonymous with self-care and to think so is being a "basic witch". 😒 The thing I love most about the Craft, is that person could be right, but I beg to disagree.

Here's the thing why I feel like the Craft is self-care{to me!}: majority of being a Solitary Witch or an Eclectic Witch is that you're doing things for yourself. Be it to better yourself (hello Abundance/Prosperity Spells!😻), to banish bad people or situations out of your life, or to attract love. Even helping or healing someone is some sort of self gratification, amiright? You don't help for that sole purpose, but it makes you feel good.

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The person *did* go on to say that the Craft and self-care do intertwine from time to time, with this I wholeheartedly agree! The person just believes that the Craft doesn't equal self-care. [Craft ≠ self-care] 💁 IDK, to each their own I guess.

This ish is therapeutic for m…
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In The Moon Apothecary

There is nothing more that makes me feel warm + fuzzy than getting packages in the mail! It's the best feeling heading to my mailbox to get my goodies. 😁 Better yet? I love shopping Indie because I'm supporting an artist and helping them to create more goodness to share with the world.

In 2018 I supported a few Indie brands, and In The Moon Apothecary was one of them. Raechel is based out of my home-state of Florida! When she posted on Instagram that she had this Uterine Tonic coming to her Etsy shop soon, I literally checked her account everyday until she finally said it was in the shop!

Uh, how adorable is her handwriting!? Seriously, her packaging is that extra that I love so much about shopping with small businesses. It's the small touches that go into the product that really makes it worth shopping small. Also the taste is incredible! The local honey added to it makes the kick from the Apple Cider Vinegar palatable. 
Head over to her Etsy shop today and pick something…

Abundance Oil Recipe

New Year, New Witch. I'm feeling like I could use another cleansing bath because I didn't eat some Black Eyed Peas like my Mama told me to do, because 2019 is already acting a little funky with me. I'm hoping the upcoming weeks will be better.

Sometimes we need a little extra oomph from the Universe, or some extra power to send our intentions and wishes out into the Universe. Speaking your intentions into existence is a great start, but it's also good to anoint yourself with oils.

Oils can be used to anoint yourself or to dress your candles for rituals and spells. The particular oil blend we'll be discussing today is a Prosperity or Abundance blend. I like to say Abundance because it's more than just monetary vibes I want to attract. I want good health, prosperity, happiness, all that good stuff.

Cinnamon - good for attracting wealthFrankincense - enhances spiritual awarenessOrange - welcome joy into your lifePatchouli - calms the mind and body When I make my Ab…

Book Review: Rectify by Jacqueline Druga

Some people don't like Novellas, I simply adore them! When they are well crafted and don't feel rushed, they can be an awesome afternoon or late night binge read.

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I first read Jacqueline Druga in a compilation of Zombie tales and really loved the tale I read, so I've been reading her stuff ever since. Her main characters are usually strong women that have to deal with real life decisions and situations in the event of a Post Apocalyptic catastrophe.
June is a mother of 3 and works at the local hospital. It's pretty typical and the humdrum of a small town hospital until they get their first case of CO-D4. Those who contract the virus are later called Codies. 
It's fast, but the government in her town seems to have it as controlled as can be when they put together teams of military men, or R-Teams. They go around town dispatching, or Rectifying those who have turned. There's even a hotline to call if you suspect a neighbor trying to take care …

Year End Review: 2018

I am so glad this year is O V E R! Can you believe how fast this year went by! I spent entirely too much money on Amazon. I battled with adult acne. I didn't save as much money as I should have. I wrote a manuscript in a month, participating in NanoWriMo. I purchased glasses from Glasseslit, never again. I supported Black Owned businesses and Women Owned businesses. Good-bye 2018.

Writing.  Writing took a huge hit when my backpack got stolen out of my car. (You can read about that here. 😢) Books 3 + 4 from my zombie series were stolen. I had been working on that series since 2013 and it was POOF! gone in one night. I don't even know if I will ever venture back to that series, I have no idea how I would finish it. So, I just moved on. My brain thought up of another project and I already finished that manuscript. I still have no plans of hiring and editor or releasing a book no time soon. 🙎

Life.  Why am I drawing a blank here? I should be full of things to talk about, but sadly…

The Cost of PCOS

You know what the worse part of having PCOS is? Supplements can only be used to HELP the balance. PCOS is a myriad of afflictions. Acne, hormone imbalance, no periods, weight gain around the middle, insomnia, pre-diabetic, infertility, no ovulation, etc. The first remedy is diet and exercise.

PCOS dietExerciseWater + herbal teas I spend all of this money on supplements, and I turn my nose up at over priced organic vegetables and grass fed meat that costs $10 per pound instead of the $5 I'm used to paying. I spent $14 on a bag of 3 pieces of wild caught salmon and was peeved. I literally just forked over $90 for 3 supplements that aren't going to help me full spectrum because I haven't changed my eating habits or incorporated any type of exercise.

But I can't just do nothing.

My Myo-Insositol supplement ran out days ago, and that's rule numero uno: NEVER LET YOUR SUPPLEMENTS RUN OUT! Now I feel like I'm going to be starting all over, but I have to do something. I&…