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Loose Leaf Journaling

I love journaling! I honestly need to be able to vent in order to function. Keeping a journal is keeping a record of your life for future generations. Your child, their child, then their child, and hopefully your words continue to get passed on and you can inspire them to keep a record of their life as well.

After my last journal got stolen, I don't know why, but I wanted to be done with notebooks. No more notebooks for my books or my journals. I always wanted something nice and leather, something that would last a long time, and I could continue to add to. I chose Earth colors because being a Taurus I am an Earth sign, and that's the Element I feel grounded to. 💚🍃

I was bummed when I got the green journal. I thought it would have been bigger since I really thought I was ordering an A5 size journal. I even ordered the paper, which came from Amazon first. I was a little peeved to have A5 paper for an A6 journal. I didn't read the dimensions correctly, so I now have two jo…
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Netflix + Chill: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Have you watched it yet? Did you binge it for All Hallows Eve!? You haven't!? Oh, my! You should! This isn't the Sabrina from our childhood, no, no. This is something so much sinister, and I absolutely loved it!

I couldn't wait to finish this new show so that I could review it! Actually, I finished it days ago, in two days when it premiered on Netflix, but I'm just now getting around to telling you guys how much I really loved this show!

Sabrina Spellman is the daughter of a powerful warlock and human mother. She's reaching her 16th birthday where she will take place in a dark baptism so that she can sign her name in the book of the beast, or the devil. The show is about how she wrestles with leaving her human life behind for a witch one.

Not going to lie, was a little put off with them being Satanists. It was weird, like, really weird. It took me a couple episodes to actually get used to the idea, but once I wrapped my head around the verbiage, I could finally rea…

Mental Health Check - October

Ok, my presence around here has been dodgy none the less. Sorry about that! I was spiraling there for a hot minute, but I'm glad to say that I've battled the beast and come out victorious. There's a saying that things come in 3's, be it good or bad. How's about 3 bad things in ONE SETTING? It was devastating to say the least.

The thing that hit me the hardest was when a guy decided to wait until I went inside a restaurant to order food and steal my backpack outta my car. I was crushed. Like, cried until I got a headache. You know that zombie series that I posted from quite a few times? Yeah, the 3rd and 4th book are GONE! 😢😭

I felt so violated. I vaguely saw his face. How sketchy he was. He was in a beige colored SUV. I peeped him looking at me as I'm on my cellphone. I should have stayed in the car. Or maybe not. If he was willing to steal a child's backpack outta my car, he probably would have robbed me! I just thought of that as I type this.

The thing …

OOTD: Golden Amber

dress - Rainbow
shoes - Amazon
socks - thrifted!
wig -  Amazon

Remember when I was too embarrassed to share my first OOTD? Well, since I killed it, I guess you can laugh WITH ME at my first attempt. *Sigh* Alright, get it out of your system, mmkay? 😂

X🍉, Jae

Book Review: The Last Great Reaper by Billi Bell

I do believe this is the first Indie Author book I have devoured in only two days. It was so well written, I honestly just couldn't put it down! I also couldn't wait to finish it because I knew I would love to review it.
{via Amazon Kindle}
Death guides souls to the afterlife, but she's so much more than just the Grim Reaper. She hates to be called that, BTW! And yes! Death is a she! She has a special name that she only let's close friends call her, but not to be confused with the Greek mythology by the same name.
She can only be seen by those who are on the brink of death, but one night while reaping she is seen by someone who is living. Curious and wanting to know more of why Father Dominic can see her, she takes him. Someone wants her to take him and keep him safe, and she needs to find out why.
She's written beautiful. A take no shit type of woman, just like you would imagine Death to be. The dialogue in this book is so well crafted, so well written. It's w…

Cyster Talk: The Face of PCOS

I toiled with sharing this. Not because I'm not comfortable in my skin, but simply because there is someone out their judging me. Then I put my grown girl panties on, and said to hell with those people! This is Jae. I have PCOS, but PCOS doesn't have me! I'm gettin' balanced, boo!

This hormonal acne has me, though 😒 I haven't had acne like this in a decade. It's not as bad as it was back then, but I want to stop it dead in it's tracks before then. It's a good thing I know and understand the crazy roller coaster ride that is PCOS, or I would seriously be going stark raving mad. Acne in my 30's!? 😱 Well, here's to life after dirty thirty. 🍻 I bet ya thought acne was a thing of your past 20's. Nope.

So, what exactly cause these little face beasts? Our hormone monsters, of course! Fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone throughout the menstrual cycle. Elevated testosterone levels can make the skin oily and flare up with cystic acne mostly o…

Photo A Day // Traditional Medicinals: Healthy Cycle Day 15-21

The weather is finally changing here in NYC, and I'm sick! But I am kicking this cold's ass with essential oils, cold medicine, vitamin D3 gummies, and cough drops. I loathe having a stuffy nose, it is the worse for me. Oh, and to top it all off: I'm also PMSing. Yay! If you're curious about the brand of essential oils I am currently using and which flavors I'm diffusing for my stuffy nose, shoot me a comment below!

X🍉, Jae