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Mental Health Check - April 2019

I'm in my bubble. It was all my intention in 2019 to let you inside my little bubble, but alas the lone wolf chills in the den alone.

I'm in a good space. Not entirely or exactly where I want to be, but I'm getting there. Sometimes in life you have to create your own finish line. You have to know when to say when, and keep moving on with your life.

Easier said than done, amiright? 🤷

I have certain amount of time left in me and then I'm moving the hell on with the next chapter in my life. I'm not living to my full potential, and there's a reason behind that. But year after year of not being able to do what I really want to do in life is pretty much taxing!

I'm writing more. I also love the fact of no more writing my books by hand and typing directly into a file. It's so much ease. I can type on the computer and then move right to my cellphone or tablet with this bluetooth keyboard! I try to write 2,000 words per day, but I have to feel it. I'm still …
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Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe

I first heard about four thieves vinegar when I needed it to do a banishing spell a couple years ago. Making it was an option, but not feasible because of the long wait time. I was fortunate enough to have a Botanica nearby so I scooped up a small bottle for fairly cheap. Oh, and my spell worked! ❤😎

What You Need: Quart size mason jar, 2
Apple Cider Vinegar
Garlic Cloves
Dried or Fresh Rosemary
Dried or Fresh Thyme
Cayenne Peppers
Black Peppercorn

Peel the garlic clovesStarting with the garlic cloves, state your intentions and what you want the potion to do for you, this will help the manifestation of the spell/ritual. Do this for each ingredient. Cover your herbs with the apple cider vinegarSeal the mason jar, give it a couple upside down and right side up shakesStore the jar in a cool, dark place for 4-6 weeks. Shake jar to mix ingredients at least once a week.Strain the mixture into another mason jar. Plant the used herbs in the earth. Congrats, my lovie! You now have Four Thieves V…

The Witch's Cupboard - 11 Healing Herbs

One of the things I love so much about Green Witchery, is that it incorporates things that you use on a daily basis and you didn't even realize the magickal properties behind it! To have a patch of herbs in your garden strictly for medicine was not uncommon, in fact, it was a necessity. Before heading to the doctor became second nature, you would head to herbs for your ailments.

Witch's Cupboard Magickal Herbs
AniseBasilBay LeavesChamomileCinnamonClovesEucalyptusLavenderPeppermintRoseRosemary

Anise, Star Anise // Air Element
Good for protection and purification.

Basil, Sweet // Fire Element
Good for fertility, luck, happiness, fidelity, and divination.

Bay // Fire Element
Good for clairvoyance, protection, and physic power.

Chamomile // Water Element
Good for menstrual cramps, treating minor skin disorders, + a good night's sleep.

Cinnamon // Fire Element
Good for drawing money, success, love, and increase spirituality and protection.

Cloves // Fire Element
Good for wealth, prospe…

Brightening vs Lightening: Same Thing?

No, sis! You know that dewy glow we get when we break up with a guy who was no good for us? That's brightening, your life and skin is brighter from lifting all that dead weight from your life! Girl, lightening is when you use topical or internal medicines to alter your skin pigmentation. Love your melanin skin in whatever complexion Goddess gave you!

Now sometimes we have blemishes. Kudos to those with picture perfect skin, but honey child, not all of us are as blessed! This is where skin tone evening creams come in. I suffer hyper pigmentation. In the Summer I like to use skin tone evening moisturizers. If you ever read the labels they are basically sun screens to keep discolored, uneven skin tone from further discoloring.

(Image taken from her website)
I have all but ditched all my commercial skincare products because even the ones that claim to be natural are pretty much junk. I still cling to products, so right now I am currently using Earthen Escapes skincare products. I purch…

10 Signs to Cut Your Family Loose

I don't know who needs to hear this, but:
It's OK not to have a relationship with your family!
Woo! Now, say what? Absolutely. If your family is toxic enough to be detrimental to your mental health, then it is OK to cut them from your life. It doesn't happen overnight and it's not a rash decision. You are not a bad person for considering it or actually doing it. 
If your family isn't adding any type of positiveness to your livelihood, then it's time to cut the ties that no longer bond you. Being related by blood doesn't mean you owe them anything. Sometimes  your family can be your own worse enemy. 
Some signs it's time to nix it: They talk ill of your life boldly to your faceThey constantly compare your life to siblings or other family membersThey don't encourage you in what you want to do in your lifeThey don't let go of your past even when you have made peace with itThey don't ever offer a helping hand, be it a shoulder to cry on or financ…

Beginner, Seasoned, or Basic Witch Own It!

I recently read that being a Witch or practicing the Craft isn't synonymous with self-care and to think so is being a "basic witch". 😒 The thing I love most about the Craft, is that person could be right, but I beg to disagree.

Here's the thing why I feel like the Craft is self-care{to me!}: majority of being a Solitary Witch or an Eclectic Witch is that you're doing things for yourself. Be it to better yourself (hello Abundance/Prosperity Spells!😻), to banish bad people or situations out of your life, or to attract love. Even helping or healing someone is some sort of self gratification, amiright? You don't help for that sole purpose, but it makes you feel good.

{via Amazon Kindle}
The person *did* go on to say that the Craft and self-care do intertwine from time to time, with this I wholeheartedly agree! The person just believes that the Craft doesn't equal self-care. [Craft ≠ self-care] 💁 IDK, to each their own I guess.

This ish is therapeutic for m…

In The Moon Apothecary

There is nothing more that makes me feel warm + fuzzy than getting packages in the mail! It's the best feeling heading to my mailbox to get my goodies. 😁 Better yet? I love shopping Indie because I'm supporting an artist and helping them to create more goodness to share with the world.

In 2018 I supported a few Indie brands, and In The Moon Apothecary was one of them. Raechel is based out of my home-state of Florida! When she posted on Instagram that she had this Uterine Tonic coming to her Etsy shop soon, I literally checked her account everyday until she finally said it was in the shop!

Uh, how adorable is her handwriting!? Seriously, her packaging is that extra that I love so much about shopping with small businesses. It's the small touches that go into the product that really makes it worth shopping small. Also the taste is incredible! The local honey added to it makes the kick from the Apple Cider Vinegar palatable. 
Head over to her Etsy shop today and pick something…